31 -  "Realize Your Potential" - Diffuser sets
31 -  "Realize Your Potential" - Diffuser sets
31 -  "Realize Your Potential" - Diffuser sets
31 -  "Realize Your Potential" - Diffuser sets
31 -  "Realize Your Potential" - Diffuser sets
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31 - "Realize Your Potential" - Diffuser sets

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Give power to your innermost self with our new "Realize your Potential" Diffuser sets.

These sets are a glorious combination of powerful phrases, metaphysical healing, and aromatherapy.

Each set is loving created and intentionally combined with meaningful phrasing,  beautiful precious gemstones, carefully blended essential oils, and limitless good intentions for their new forever owners.

For those who need to be reminded to slow down:

"be still" - essential oil blend "Stillness" (Peppermint, Lavender, Orange), Amethyst gemstone diffuser bracelet. 

Amethyst* - Protection, concentration, confidence, balancing

For those who would like to take things a little less seriously:

"laugh often"- essential oil blend "Joyful" (Grapefruit, Orange), Labradorite gemstone diffuser bracelet.

Labradorite* - Harmony, intuition, clarity, creativity

For those who mean the most to us:

"you're my person" - essential oil blend "Harmony"(Lavender, Orange), Rose Quartz gemstone diffuser bracelet.
Rose Quartz* - Love, peace, healing, romance, intimacy, harmony, trust, empathy, receptivity, acceptance
For those who like an adventure:
"Explore. Dream. Discover." - essential oil blend "Escape"(Lemongrass, Lime, Pink Grapefruit), African Turquoise gemstone diffuser bracelet.
African Turquoise* - (green Jasper) Health, well-being, harmony, calm, power, tranquility, wholeness, imagination, protection, grounding, balancing
For those who need to be reminded to embrace their own uniqueness.
"just be you" - essential oil blend "Grounding"(Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Basil), Tiger's Eye gemstone diffuser bracelet.
Tiger's Eye* - Money, energy, luck, protection, divination, courage, grounding, grace, clarity
*sources: BarCharts Inc. Quick Study Gemstone & Crystal Properties; The Crystal Bible - Judy Hall.

All essential oils are blended by the amazing and super fabulous Naked Hippie Soap Company...

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