Love Always Wins

In March of 2014 I received an email that contained words that deeply touched my heart.
"Coreena, You are not making cuffs, belts or guitar slings, you are making memories, and family heirlooms. You are making things that will be treasured by the recipients, for life. They will be the things that will be in Grandma and Grandpa's room. The grandkids and great grand kids will go in and play with them understanding the importance that is placed on them. They will be the things that little Johnny, or Mary will be playing with and loose outside, and everyone in the family will have to drop everything to help go find it, because they will see the sadness in the eyes at the thought of it being lost. After when it is found, yes they will find it, everyone will sit around while Grandma and Grandpa will hold it and rub it. They will take extra time rubbing the scratches and dents that look out of place, but hold special meaning. Everyone will sit and listen as the story of it is told again. My dad, mom, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend gave it to them because they believed... (this is were your stories go in), and Coreena, it will have come from your hand and your heart."
The writer - my first cousin with whom I had lost touch until we reconnected through Facebook - seemed to peer right into my intentions and capture the essence of what I was trying to achieve through my work.

His words never left me, and they became the backbone of my "WHY".  I would refer this "why" when challenges came up in my life and in my business...  Times when I was really really tired, and I felt like I was swimming upstream.  Times when quitting or stopping seemed way easier than taking one more stroke to push myself forward.

Very recently I was reunited with a piece I had created a few years ago.  It needed a snap repair after being worn daily since it went to its forever home.  The wearer of this cuff described it as her "armor" and its sentiment resonated so deeply with her that she was sharing it with loved ones in their time of need of such reminders. 

Love always wins.

She warned me before she bringing it to me, saying that perhaps I might not want to fix it.  That it was very worn, and she would gladly replace it if I felt that was the route we needed to go.  But she used another adjective.  She said the leather was tough.

When I first held this bracelet with the failed snap in my hands, and my eyes went over all the nicks and the worn spots on its surface... I was completely overcome.  Tears welled up in my eyes at is pure and utter beauty.  It was THE most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

This tough leather armor bearing the truest sentiment there ever could be - seeing this lovely perfect soul through all the facets of her journey in this life.  It physically showed all the nicks and worn spots our spirits take when we make the choice - every day - to live our lives from a place of love.

Love always wins 

But what struck me the most?  The nicks and worn spots did not make this piece an eyesore.  The rust on the still secure snaps did not class this piece as something in need of being replaced.  The darkened weathered raw leather that showed through the off white top layer that had been worn away in places was not something that needed to be touched up. 

All those things contributed to its breathtaking beauty... just as the nicks and warn spots inflicted on our spirits during our journey on this planet are what makes us beautiful...  Especially when we choose to live in love.

As I went to work on repairing the failed snap, I did so in quiet.  I let the stories of the bracelet fill my heart, it has traveled far and wide acting as armor.  I imagine it has seen times of incredible love and happiness, times of anger and frustration, as well as times sadness and disappointment... All the while bearing the reminder that Love always wins.

As I was working I felt intense gratitude.  Gratitude to it for its impact on this lovely person and her amazing family, and gratitude for the confirmation to ME to continue choose love.  I am grateful for the tangible evidence of what my cousin articulated as he reached out to me with his lovely words, grateful that my "why" is tangible and valid, and I am grateful for the solid reminder that my intentions are being realized...  But most of all, I am grateful I get to do this work that I love so much.  It is truly an honor.

Love always wins.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your stories!  If you have a Fearless hART creation that has deeply resonated with you, I would love to hear about it!

Please reach out and share in the comments below, or connect with me by personal message.  I vow to not publicly share your words without your permission.

With love and gratitude


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