About Me

I am a heart based artist and the creator of beautiful moments that incite open hearted and authentic connections. Through my accepting attentiveness, I hold space that fosters an environment for others to feel safe in their vulnerability. My pure intent to fill the space around me with loving and compassionate energy helps me to encourage others to also not only see the path of love, but to make a conscious effort to regularly choose it.

I have always loved to create things with my hands. Through my use of various mediums, I have been able to produce heartfelt and timeless keepsakes. With my art, I remind my clients to proudly stand in their truth, and to live in alignment with their own core values. In this way, my work transcends the traditional business relationships. I am in the business of providing more than just a physical product. I ensure my work encourages a deeper human connection by provoking genuine emotion; when my art incites tears, I know I have done my job well. I am always so honoured to be a small part of others’ love stories.

I am a happily married mom/stepmom of  five who 
loves to  laugh.  I follow my dreams, but
not many rules.  I smile easily and enjoy
being around people.  I see the good in
everyone first - before all else. Love is my
I love music, I love books and I love to see
people smile.  I love the smell of flowers,
the smell of horses, and the smell of my
children's hair when I tuck them in at night.  
I appreciate good wine, good food, and
high thread count sheets.
I live for my family, I cherish my children
and I am head over heels for my husband. 
My biggest wish is for each of them to be
blissfully happy in this life - whatever that
looks like for them.  I am so grateful for
my front row seats to witness it all.
I embrace life, I embrace opportunities to
grow, and I know there is always
something amazing on the other side of
struggles and pain.  I choose to live in the
light knowing that yucky things thrive in
dark places.
I say 'NO' to things I do not want in my life,
so I am able to say 'YES' to the things that
I do.  I always choose to go where the
peace is, I choose to live fearless, and I
put a piece of my heart into everything I


I live in Beaumont, Alberta Canada with my super supportive, Rokstar husband, two of my five children, two dogs, a cat and a hedgehog.  I am 'Mimi' to two.

I am far from a one woman show.  I enlist the help of my husband, my children, my parents, and my friends on a regular basis to ensure my life, and my business run smoothly.  I am so blessed to have so much love and support as a part of my village.  I absolutely could not do it alone!

Much love,  Coreena Kornel

You can reach me here

By email:  coreena@fearlesshart.ca
By snail mail:  PO Box 3280 Stn Main, Beaumont Alberta, T4X 1L1 Canada

you are loved

love changes everything