About Us

Welcome to Our Heart-Centered Business: Where Love and Passion Fuel Success!

At the core of our business lies a beautiful love story - the union of two hearts that beat as one, forming a husband and wife team dedicated to spreading love, joy, and positivity in everything we do. We are Coreena and Jeremy, and we warmly welcome you to our Fearless hART world.

In a world that sometimes feels cold and distant, we strive to be a beacon of warmth and positivity. Our business is more than just transactions; it's about forging meaningful connections with our customers, leaving them with a lasting smile and a happy heart.

About Coreena...

Meet Coreena, a soulful leather artist whose creations are not just masterpieces of craftsmanship but also gateways to the heart. With a profound sense of empathy and caring, Coreena infuses her art with love and emotion, creating pieces that resonate with people on a deep, personal level. From her humble workshop, she weaves stories into leather, each stroke of her tools guided by an empathic understanding of the human experience.

Driven by her heart-centered approach, Coreena's leather art has the power to touch people's hearts and stir their emotions. Her designs go beyond aesthetics; they become vessels of connection, healing, and self-expression. From exquisitely carved bracelets that hold meaningful sayings to intricately crafted cuffs that invite personal reflection, Coreena's creations are a testament to the transformative power of art. As customers hold her work in their hands, they can feel the care and intention that went into each piece, forging a bond between the artist and the admirer. Coreena's mission is clear: to use her artistry to spread love, compassion, and healing, one heart at a time.

About Jeremy...

Meet Jeremy, a multi-talented dynamo who weaves magic both on stage and off. As the lead guitarist of the high-energy rock cover band "Radioactive," the mastermind behind the "BBRF Music Festival," and a creative partner in "Fearless hArt" alongside his wife, Jeremy is a true force to be reckoned with in the worlds of music and business.

Together with his talented wife, Coreena, Jeremy channels his creative energy into "Fearless hArt." As artisans, they design and handcraft leather goods that blend artistry, quality, and a touch of rock and roll spirit. From intricately tooled guitar straps to finely crafted bracelets and cuffs, their creations find homes with heart centered people worldwide.

We live in Beaumont, Alberta Canada one of our five children, two dogs, a cat and a hedgehog.  We are 'grands' to two.

We are so blessed to have so much love and support as a part of our village.  We absolutely could not do it alone!

Much love,  Coreena & Jeremy

You can reach us here

By snail mail:  PO Box 3280 Stn Main, Beaumont Alberta, T4X 1L1 Canada

you are loved

love changes everything