Have you been 'Love Bombed' by Fearless hART or have you received a Love Bomb that was forwarded on? 

Since 2014 we have been spreading love with our Pay It Forward - Love Bomb cards. They are more than just pieces of paper; they are powerful tools of kindness and compassion. Each card carries the potential to unleash a wave of love and positivity onto the world driven by the good intentions of those who wish to participate. Simply perform an act of kindness, whether it's a small gesture or a grand display of generosity, and pass on the card to the recipient. Encourage them to keep the love flowing by performing an act of kindness for someone else and passing on the card again. As these cards travel from one hand to another, they become beacons of love, inspiring a chain reaction of good deeds that have the power to touch countless lives.

With our Love Bomb Cards, spreading love has never been easier. Carry the cards with you, and whenever you perform an act of kindness, leave the card behind as a reminder for the recipient to pay it forward. As they pass on the love, they, too, will leave the card behind, igniting a beautiful cycle of compassion. 

Use the hashtag #FHLoveBomb to share your experiences on social media, inspiring others to join this heartwarming movement. Let's make a difference together, one act of kindness and one Love Bomb at a time, and create a world where love knows no bounds.

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You Are Loved! 

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