Speaking Engagements


I am a heart based artist and the creator of beautiful moments that incite open hearted and authentic connections. Through my accepting attentiveness, I hold space that fosters an environment for others to feel safe in their vulnerability. My pure intent to fill the space around me with loving and compassionate energy helps me to encourage others to also not only see the path of love, but to make a conscious effort to regularly choose it.

I consider it a great honour to share the knowledge and experiences I have gained with others. Combining my experiences with my natural empathy and gentle compassion I easily connect with audiences while sharing messages of empowerment and strength.

I have developed a talk on what it means to hold compassionate space for others, and what it looks like when someone is compassionately holding space for you.

Holding Compassionate Space

No one is immune to adverse life circumstances and it is during our times of suffering that we most require a strong support system. Compassionately holding space for someone in the midst of their pain is an incredible honour.

Do you wonder what it means to TRULY be present, attentive, open, loving and engaged when someone leans on you for support? 

Let me share with you what you can start doing today to support your own desire to be there and hold space for those you.

I am currently accepting bookings and would love to share my talk with your audience.

For more information email coreena@fearlesshart.ca

Coreena Kornel