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Wearable Reminders - Engraved Metal Bracelets

Wearable Reminders - Engraved Metal Bracelets

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When life goes off the rails a little, and things get busy, or things get stressful, or we have to be separated from our friends and family for an extended period of time due to a global pandemic... we sometimes forget all the things we learned about how to take care of ourselves... First. 

We have all heard the airplane/oxygen mask scenario where, when the cabin looses pressure, and the oxygen mask falls from the ceiling... you are meant to secure your own in place before you attempt to help anyone else. This is also true for life. You must take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of others.

Here is your wearable reminder to take some moments throughout your day to offer yourself space, grace and kindness, so that you can continue to offer it to others.

Engraved metal bracelets that include inspirational words and phrases that offer a constant reminder to be kind to yourself. 

Crafted from 1/4" wide aluminum and individually engraved, these bracelets fit all sizes of wrist.

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