Seven years ago today...

I love you

Not only for what you are;


But for what I am


When I am with you


 Roy Croft


Seven years ago, today... I awoke filled to the brim with nervous excitement.

Seven years ago, today... I was pampered, primped and pedicured as I prepared to look my very best as we started down this new path that was laid out before us.

Seven years ago, today, everyone was getting ready for the big day!

Princess Emma
Princess Aidan
Our sweet Deo
Ryley and Josh

Seven years ago, today, my princess's walked down the isle to their daddy (to this song) where he waited with our sons.

Seven years ago, today, on the arm of my dad, I walked down the isle (to this song) to meet them.

Seven years ago, today, we were reminded that:
Love works miracles every single day
Love brings to a relationship...
So many gifts:
Gifts of joy, hope, happiness
tolerance & understanding.
The gift of listening to your heart
Believing in yourselves and others
and realizing your dreams.
Love means...
Trusting enough to risk being hurt,
Even when you don't understand.
Weeping with the other in heartache,
and celebrating with them in joy. 
Love means...
Listening to each others deepest thoughts,
Supporting each others goals and dreams
and walking beside each other
offering courage and strength.
respecting one another,
and sharing all things.
Love means...
Welcoming the challenge
of whatever obstacles you will encounter,
Helping each other to grow
as indaviduals and as partners. 
Love is a relationship... 
It's about two people,
Having tremendous strengths
but also, having vulnerabilities, like we all do...
And one person being able to strengthen the other
in their areas of vulnerability.
Being there for the other
Needing the other
Completing the other.

Seven years ago, today, he said:
I call upon these persons present to witness that: I, Jeremy Daniel Kornel do take thee, Coreena Dawn Brodersen to be my lawful wedded wife.  
In you I have found my rock, my support, my one true love. I have found a caring mother, a compassionate friend and my one true soul mate. I promise to love you always, as I do today. I promise to be with you through laughter and tears as we concur all obstacles, that life puts befor us. I promise to respect and honor you in all that you do. Forever, I will cherish and never take for granted the love that we share.   
You are my inspiration, my muse, and my one true love. From today, and always... I love you.

Seven years ago, today, I responded:
I call upon these persons present to witness that: I, Coreena Dawn Brodersen do take thee Jeremy Daniel Kornel to be my lawful wedded husband...  
In doing so, I commit my life to you. To have and to hold as an equal partner in life to whom I give my deepest love and devotion. To build our dreams together while allowing you the space you need to grow with your own dreams. To evolve with you as a life partner, to be by your side, in all situations and all circumstances, no matter what life bring. I promise to be the best mother that I know how to be, yet I promise to be humble enough to know that there is always room to do better. I promise to honor and tenderly care for you, to cherish and encourage you, and to love you with all that I am for as long as we both shall live.  
From this day forward, I will be your proud wife, and your best friend.

Seven years ago, today, we exchanged rings, carried by our sons, with the words:
With this ring I give you my promise, that from this day forward, you shall never walk alone.  
My heart will be your shelter, my arms will be your home.  
We will walk together through life, as partners and best friends.  
I promise, that I shall always do my best to love and accept you, exactly the way you are.
With this ring, I give you your freedom and my trust in you.  
I give you my heart, until the end of time... I have no greater gift to give.

they took their jobs so seriously...
:) nothing like the tinkle of a wedding ring hitting the floor in the middle of a quiet cerimony.  <3

Seven years ago, today, surounded by a handful of family and friends, I did the ugly cry when she said "With pleasure I introduce you Jeremy and Coreena Kornel."
FINALLY!! (this my friends is my ugly cry! <3)

Seven years ago, today, we made promises to each other that we still cherish, honor and live everyday.

Seven years ago, today, I married my best friend.  The one, who, above all else 'gets' me, respects me, believes in me and sees the best in me.  I married the one who knew me better than I knew myself - all the good, and all the bad - and he loved me anyway.  I married the one who, from the deepest and sincerest part of his soul, has my best intrests, happiness and peacefulness at heart.

Seven years ago, today, we completed the circle that is now our big beautiful family.

Seven years ago, today, I became his Mrs.

It was my BEST day.

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