To my daughters...

To my daughters, my bonus daughters, my granddaughters, and those I think of as daughters… this is what I want you to know…
This world can be harsh for women. This is nothing new, but it is important to also remember that this is not “old news”… No matter how hard the ladies before you have fought for change, secured change, and embraced change… there is still a LONG way to go.
We STILL live in a time that judges a women, not by the hard work, grit and strength of spirit required to elevate their career to the level that they have earned the right share their talents on a world stage with millions of people watching… But by what they are wearing when they get there.
We STILL live in a world where people so easily choose to knock others down rather than lift others up… Where slut shaming is rampant, devastating and still a very big thing.
We STILL live in a world where people think “SEX” when someone dresses a certain way, or moves their body in a certain way, or smiles a certain way, or talks a certain way… or even climbs up a pole in a certain way…
and most alarming… We STILL live in a world where, as women, our harshest critics are not the “old boys club” fellas among us, but the other women we exists among… our sisters… Those who we are meant to align with in the battle to be seen as equals.
I want you to know that I want a better world for you. I want you to know that I want you to be YOU in all your amazing brilliance and sparkle and talent. No matter what that looks like.
I want you to know that I want you to always feel safe to share YOU with the world, I want you to feel safe being who you are, and heck I want you to feel safe dancing at a bar or walking down the damn street… NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE WEARING…
I want you to be proud of your bodies, no matter your shape or size… and I want you to wear what makes you feel beautiful, confident, empowered and self assured.
But mostly I want you to set down your judgement and look upon your sisters with grace and admiration… with honour and respect… and with love and kindness… We are all one. We are all here just trying to live our best life… Let’s all just agree to give each other room to do that.
I want you to know that NO.MATTER.WHAT… I am, and I will ALWAYS be in your corner… cheering you on, holding you up and wiping the sweat from your brow when it is time for you to go in for another round against misogyny. I know this battle ground well.
I’ve got you… and all I ask is simply that you just have each other… Be better than the generations before you… Do better than the generations before you.
You will need thick skin, you will need a good poker face, you will need to learn how to bite your tongue, to hold your opinion, and save your energy for the times when you can REALLY make a difference…
You will need to learn that the battle isn’t won by trying in vain to change 1000 shallow opinions… the battle is won when you learn how to say “Fuck that!” and not let the bullshit opinions of others sway you from all that you are meant to be.
You are SO very loved.

Keep Shining.

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