What's one dumb thing you used to believe in? - Burning Question

What’s one dumb thing you used to believe in?
I used to think that unfaltering, unquestioned, and unwavering loyalty would get you to someplace really REALLY good.  That it was the key to being successful in your career, successful in your marriage, successful in your friendships… which, to me all equated to ‘successful in life’... The promised land…  I believed this SO whole heartedly, that it made me blind and nonchalant to the ‘unreciprocated ‘part.

What I now know to be true. 
There is no such thing as a ‘loyalty prize’.  There is no ‘loyalty’ awards ceremony where you get recognized for your selfless acts of devotedness. Loyalty, it turns out, is a two way street.  It is give, and it is take.  What I also realized... is if you aren’t loyal to yourself first, then you are selling out.  If you live to meet other's expectations, then it is ALWAYS at the expense of your own happiness, your own sense of fulfilment, your own peace, and your own joy.
However, when loyalty is reciprocated, respected and honored, when it is a two way street, when there is give and take …  It can be an unstoppable force.  It can be huge, exciting, productive, and ‘knock your socks off’ earth shatteringly amazing… And… THAT is what truly lies on the path to ALL that is really really good.
The TRUTH is 'Sucessful in life' equals 'being true and loyal to yourself ...' No. Matter. What. 

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