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Here at Fearless hART we are fundamentally about spreading messages of love and empowerment through the use of words. To us, and to those who appreciate our work, words really do matter. We have so often expressed how honoured we are to be a part of so many stories of love and empowerment. We are so grateful to you all for sharing your hearts with us.

In this delicate time of upheaval and protesting, we wish to make it very clear that we, at Fearless hART, stand in solidarity with racialized people against racial discrimination and injustice. We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are of the position that in order to deconstruct systemic racism, conditioned or unconscious biases, and white supremacy, we, as white people, must show up to shore up those who have been discriminated against. We MUST be willing to educate ourselves on this topic, be accountable for how we have contributed to this problem, and commit to being part of the solution.

Here at Fearless hART, we are taking action in the following ways:

  • We will continue listening, reading, and learning ways in which we can do our part to further advance this movement.
  • We will continue having big conversations with our children, our friends, and our business partners as we encourage them to engage in their own anti-racist education.
  • As we move forward with creating and updating our mission, policies and procedures for Fearless hART, we are fully committed to our anti-racism stance. This will be a factor in deciding how we move forward, who we align with and who we work with in all aspects of our business.
  • Starting in 2020, we are committing to donating 1% of Fearless hART revenue to an organization that actively serves racialized communities. We will also make it possible for our customers to donate at checkout if they are so inclined. 

Following some consultation and additional research we have chosen to make Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society of Edmonton the beneficiary of our donation. This is who they are:

Bent Arrow was created in 1994 when Brad and Shauna Seneca identified the need for programming for Aboriginal children and families that would be based in traditional Indigenous teachings. The couple had received funding from a federal program called Pathways a year earlier to provide a program for Aboriginal youth between the ages of 15 and 24 who wanted to return to school, enter training programs, or find employment. The program was so successful that a year later Brad and Shauna established the Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society with the support of Elders, funders, and the community.
When they were trying to find a name for the society, Brad and Shauna recalled a traditional story about a warrior and hunter who designed his bow and arrows with near perfect straightness. Bent arrows would not find their mark and families would go hungry for days. Like the bent arrows, some people have simply veered off of their path. They are not broken. And they have the potential, with some guidance and support, to walk a straighter path and hit their target. Nobody is broken, but sometimes, like the arrow, we’re a little bent. Hence, the name Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society.

Their mission:

The Society is committed to building upon the strengths of Aboriginal Children, youth and families to enable them to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally so that they can walk proudly in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

You can learn more about them at bentarrow.ca.

We understand the systemic racism in Canada exists not only because of outward and blatant racists acts, but because of internalized and socialized racism that exists, sometimes unknowingly, in us all.

We also understand that lasting change can not be accomplished in one week, one protest or the actions of one person. Here at Fearless hART, this is a long term initiative.

We are fully aware that in the infancy of our deeper awareness on this delicate and sensitive issue, we are at risk of doing or saying the wrong things. We know that our path to being fully educated on this topic is going to be bumpy and we are going to make mistakes... We won't be letting the fear of making a mistake stop us from speaking up or taking action.

We are absolutely aware that the larger mistake we could make lies in saying and doing nothing.

We thank you for your continued support and may we all work together to create a world free of racial discrimination.

With Love and Gratitude


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